Welcome to Gulf Oil & Gas L.L.C.

GOGAS has a fleet of vessels, operating in the Gulf, and has been serving the Oil Gas industry by taking up specialized projects involving below water and above water work related to modification and maintenance of offshore Oil Gas installations / platforms, pipelines, jetties, loading facilities, etc.

GOGAS also offers specialist diving and underwater welding services for maintenance and salvage operations. GOGAS has its own floating barge crane, transport (dumb) barges and tug boats which are deployed during execution of our offshore projects and this gives us greater control, flexibility and efficiency of operations resulting in achieving tight project completion schedules.

Our services include but are not limited to:
-Charter of Diving Support Vessels, anchor handling tugs, supply vessel and other offshore support vessel
-Ship management, technical support and crewing
-Provision of Manpower for deep water services like saturation diving, ROV services, Remote System Engineering, NDT inspection and survey etc.,
-Supply of ROV with under water cutting tools.
-Marine Transportation of construction materials in and around UAE ports Islands
-Salvage Operations
-Construction of costal protection like breakwater, marinas, jetty repair and Fender Installation etc.,